Perfect Project Management Software

Control costs, risks, and deadlines with our project solutions.

Selected by the top organisations  as their business development engine, our ERP solutions are designed to help you effectively manage resources, improve customer service, and increase bill-ability  and cash flow.                

Key benefits:

  • An integrated system to support the entire project lifecycle, bringing together project, financial and resource management

  • Scalable solutions to meet the needs of ambitious companies, from SMEs to global leaders

  • 93% of our customers earn positive ROI through deployment

  • Improved financial management and global compliance. Reduce your average debt collection time, speed up your order-to-payment processes and know your income

  • Real-time visibility of every corner of your business, with advanced reporting features to enable reliable decision-making

  • Promote collaboration and give a single version of the facts so that staff can work in a team and enjoy a user-friendliness and accessibility to information

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Reliability, real-time transparency and control of your business are essential in today's marketplace. With Bassam ERP, you can develop new projects with a clear overview of your order book, fine-tune new projects and control your finances with multi-company and multi-currency project accounting and full great book.Discover how Bassam ERP can optimise  your projects!Measure more with scans, dashboards and reports

Our project management module is more than just a tool for graphical visualization  of projects. It fully integrates with our ERP to offer a complete  control center  to all project-oriented companies. The control of a project starts with its  planning  and the  calculation of its cost  , to continue by the  development of dashboards  and the  invoicing of the services provided  . Then comes the  coordination of purchase processes  related to the project.  We guarantees absolute transparency throughout the stages leading to  production  .

By grouping and visualizing relevant data, your company can  optimize project performance  across the service, enterprise, and even global scale, ensuring that customer expectations are met within the respect of deadlines and budget.


Perfectly integrated  with CRM / Sales, Production, Purchasing, Materials Management and Cost Accounting,  Project Management  also  offers   flexible costing options  for projects and reliable document management for your project files.

Project Management accompanies all important business processes, from sales and purchase to control. Its  integration into the production process   in particular is an  additional asset   for  mechanical engineering firms   and  timely production companies

Your advantage

  • Keep track of your success

  • Transparency of all services

  • Everything rests on the plan 

  • Master the costs 

  • Decision support based on analysis processes 

  • Manage projects profitably 

  • Transparent operational processes

  • Product life cycle at a glance 

  • Current projects did not meet deadline or target budget 

  • Enhanced confidence in the project  

  • Analysis of key figures as a factor of success 

Project management for small work groups  and medium to large  organisations                         

Project Management is suitable for small work groups , mapping of development projects, and transition projects from prototyping to production. The project and resource graphical planning system supports project capacity assessment. All project  costs  are automatically  allocated   to the  corresponding cost objects  , which facilitates  accurate  cost control at all times. 


Plan and evaluate projects effectively

The project file  collects  all  important information  about a project and displays it as a  graph  in a single view. You are aware of the latest developments at any time. At a glance, you can, for example,  identify additional costs  or areas where the project requires more hours than 

expected. With one click, you can  view the details  . Project planning takes into account production and assembly. Our  ERP  supports you by proposing a  flexible assessment of project costs  . With a click of the mouse, you access project analysis information and costs.


Detailed project planning

  With the help of detailed project planning, you can also  represent complex relationships  of any structural depth within a  project schedule . Project activities can be scheduled as needed. The  relationships  within the project plan can be  mapped and monitored  by the presentation of the predecessor-successor relationship. 


Plan resources efficiently

The Resource Planner  balances  the  available staff capacity  with the  demand for project capacity  . It calculates the availability of each staff member (employees and external staff)  based on the assignment plan  minus statutory holidays and other deductions. Capacity demand is calculated from your activities and project tasks. You can identify and evaluate the capacity utilization of staff members or project teams at a glance, allowing you to make informed budget decisions. You can  divide the workload  manually or automatically using the system based on predefined distribution curves.